Sunil Kharadi- Struggling During Pandemic

sunil wooden toy

Its been over 6 months since the world is struggling from the pandemic “covid 19”. The pandemic has affected human race in one or other way. In India since the lockdown from March, the normal life went for a toss and people suffered mentally, physically and financially..

Although unlocking has began and people are getting used to the new normal but people who are worst affected because of the lockdown due to the pandemic are small business owners and street side vendors. Most of them had to shut their business due to the lockdown.

One such vendor we at rejoice came across was Mr sunil from Barsana, a small place near Rewa (M.P). He used to make and sell wooden toys for his livelihood. Mr.Sunil also used to take part in handicraft melas organized by the government.  But since the lockdown imposed from March 2020, he lost his business. To earn his daily bread and butter sunil started to sell savoury items like samosa and kachori’s door to door..

There are many small vendors like sunil in our city, state and country. We at rejoice are making small efforts which might make a big difference to people like Mr sunil.

Try be local and buy things like toys, diwali diya and many more things made and sold by local vendors and sellers and make them smile.

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