Festivals :

Days when our dreary existence and mundane lives give way to a sparkling hope of a better tomorrow. A celebration of values, symbols and beliefs that make us who we are. As such, festivals are for everyone! 
Sadly, the reality cannot be farther from this. While we revel in the safety and comfort of our homes, many struggle to make ends meet. 
Small Artisans dependent on daily and seasonal sale of handmade goods suffer the most, often putting their lives at risk to stand an hour longer in a busy market, trying to feed their waiting family.

This festival let’s come together to make sure the light of happiness reaches their home. Re-Joice is a simple website. It’s a platform for these small Artisans who showcase their wares, so that you can reach out to them and help them earn their living.
Conceptualized by Pratishtha Pathak, a Class 6th student, Re-Joice compels us to think beyond our own families.
An inspiring young lady, she has set off on a journey to help underprivileged artisans.

You’re joining, aren’t you?

We Can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone – Ronald Reagan

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